Sheppard Day bathes with Sottini

Sheppard Day has designed the first brochure for Ideal-Standard’s luxury bathroom brand Sottini, which was launched last week.

The brochure, which features two ranges from the Sottini brand, had a £63 000 budget, including £53 000 of photography by Oliver Beamish and a print run of 20 000.

It was sent out UK-wide to independent retailers that stock the range and to individual customers requesting it by phone. The catalogue also contains one image by Mark Williams.

Sheppard Day didn’t pitch as the job was part of an on-going relationship with Sottini, in which the consultancy is repositioning the brand using a ‘bathroom sculpture’ concept it initially developed three years ago.

The brochure is produced in a large art book format. It uses artistic black-and-white photography of the bathroom range and human models – emphasising the sculptural elements of the furniture – and simple colour photos of the bathroom suites.

A spokeswoman for Sheppard Day explains, ‘The real challenge was to take a utilitarian product and elevate it to a work of art, but also making it [the brochure] user friendly.’

The client will be evaluating the impact of the brochure over the next few months. If the project is deemed to be successful Sheppard Day hopes to use the sculpture concept on an 80-page brochure featuring the full ten ranges of Sottini bathrooms.

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