Davies Hall pencils in the correct news information

There is incorrect information in the Hurricane and Derwent pencil news article (DW 7 February).

The article states that Davies Hall lost the project following an unpaid creative credentials and concepts pitch. Our client Acco UK packaging manager Paul Brunning is also very concerned if he gave the ‘wrong impression’.

We have worked on quite a few projects with Acco during the past four years and know it well. We, therefore, never gave a credentials presentation for the pencil project, only a costings and a timings proposal. Furthermore, and of more worry to me, we never did an unpaid concepts pitch.

Davies Hall has been established for 13 years and agrees with the industry code of practice on unpaid pitches. And in that time, we have never done an unpaid pitch.

Nicky Burgin


Davies Hall

London SW8

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