Norman – not a normal mortal

Suppose you met Sir Norman Foster in a social situation. What would you call him? Norman? Sir Norman? Normibabe, if you were inebriated?

His 250-strong staff are not permitted to make mistakes.

We have heard from two sources that an internal memo was circulated concerning the very important matter of how to address the Big Boss.

The favoured first names on the list were invited to call him Norman. These were followed by a block of names who must address him as Sir Norman.

The remainder don’t have any danger of getting confused. They are not allowed to address him at all under any circumstances.

Has the man concerned ever heard of King Agamemnon, who got too big for his boots and walked on red carpet meant only for the gods? This hubristic act led to death in his bath at the hands of his wife.

Perhaps He-who-must-be-obeyed should go back to his Aeschylus and remember that pride comes before a fall.

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