Dyson designs for connected home with air quality app

The new Dyson Pure Cool Link will report live air quality to the Dyson Link App.


Dyson’s launch of its new air purifier fan marks the company’s UK entry into the Internet of Things, through the Dyson Link app. The app, available for iOS and Android, helps users stay on top of air quality in their homes, with live information.

Users can also monitor air quality history, allowing allergy sufferers to oversee peak pollution times, for example during pollen seasons or when cleaning or cooking. They can then set targets for air quality that the machine will automatically react to and regulate, if auto-mode is selected.

Additional features

Dyson engineers worked with air quality data analytics company BreezoMeter to provide users with live information regarding outdoor air quality, in a location of their choice.

The purifier also comes with a night-time auto-mode. The machine will continue to monitor and respond to air quality throughout the night, but only using the quietest settings. During that time, the LED display dims, so as not to disturb.

Targeting air pollutants

The new purifier fan, which is available as a tower and desk purifier, aims to clean up household air. It targets toxic fumes released from cleaning solvents, deodorants, scented candles and other major indoor air pollutants including gases from cooking and central heating, pet hair, pollen and allergens.

James Dyson says: “We think it is polluted outside of our homes, but the air inside can be far worse.

“Dyson engineers focused on developing a purifier that automatically removes ultrafine allergens, odours and pollutants from the indoor air, feeding real time air quality data back to you.”


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