IVF insurance Gaia’s identity designed to represent all family types

Ragged Edge’s rebrand of Gaia includes a new hand-drawn logotype with two different ‘a’s, which aims to reflect how “no two families are the same”.

Ragged Edge has rebranded IVF insurance product Gaia as it seeks to separate itself from an “idealised and misleading view” of IVF.

The service provided by Gaia centres around making the treatment more accessible and affordable. As well as getting a personalised financing plan based on calculations of the number of IVF rounds that might be needed, people who do not leave hospital with a child pay no more than the initial insurance premium. Those who have a successful IVF journey can pay back the cost of treatments in instalments.

Ragged Edge co-founder Max Ottignon says the studio was “struck by the importance of the mission” and wanted to do it justice through the new identity. From the new logo and photography to the collaged illustrations and colour palette, the Gaia brand aims to clearly challenge what constitutes a family and better represent the reality of IVF.

The hand-drawn logotype “encapsulates the varied and often imperfect” method of making a family, explains Ottignon. Specifically, the variation in the a’s represent how “no two families are the same” and also works to make Gaia “stand out in a category full of highly sanitised identities”, he adds.

Gaia’s new suite of photography seeks to represent all types of family, coupled or single, gay or straight, with children or childless. Ottignon says it also tries to avoid too much focus on a successful outcome – the baby – and “speak to the IVF experience as a whole, unvarnished and real”.

Both photography and illustrations have been applied in a collage style across Gaia’s identity. The illustrations combine “abstract shapes” with more vivid imagery to create “rich, evocative compositions”, according to Ottignon.

Seeking to give Gaia an “immediately recognisable colour palette,” he says the studio opted for a blend of soft black and white with “a swathe of orange”. Ottignon adds that secondary hues are used to “add moments of warmth”, especially in a digital setting, and work with the primary palette to contrast against the “recessive, corporate feel” typical of the IVF category.

Ragged Edge also overhauled Gaia’s brand language, attempting to strike a balance between being bold and empathetic. The result is a “directness in addressing the stigma” while delivering “empathy and compassion”, says Ottignon.

Gaia’s new headline typeface is Arizona Text by Dinamo with the body copy set in Suisse Int’l supported by Suisse Int’l Mono, which are both by Swiss Typefaces.

The new Gaia identity will roll out across its digital experience and communications as well as clinics as it launches in the US and UK.

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