Disney’s ‘brash’ look is adapted

Horseman Cooke is working on a new brochure for Walt Disney Attractions, aimed at tempting UK holidaymakers to Disney’s Florida theme-park.

Walt Disney Attractions’ marketing rationale is to differentiate the UK brochure from its US equivalent.

“A lot of the literature is very American looking, which doesn’t necessarily suit the Brits – it’s just too brash,” says Horseman Cooke director Mike Horseman.

“We’re using good, solid English design to create a fun, corporate guide for Walt Disney Attractions, which will appeal to the British palette. It’s a picture book of Disney,” adds Horseman.

The brochure is due to come out in October.

Horseman Cooke, which won the work following an extensive credentials pitching process against various London rivals and one Glasgow group, has been appointed to work on other projects for the Walt Disney division following the initial brochure win.

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