Priestman Goode gets water conscious

Priestman Goode has created a product called Water Watch that aims to raise awareness about domestic water use.

Approximately the size of a £2 coin, Water Watch fixes to any tap and measures the amount of water being used.

‘We think it’s important to have a debate about the issue of water usage. It is everyone’s responsibility to conserve water. Even if leaking pipes are fixed, this is a problem that won’t go away,’ says Priestman Goode director Paul Priestman. ‘[This product] is a reaction to all the talk about environmental issues – we’re saying, “Let’s start to do something about it”.’

Water Watch is activated by the vibration and sound of the tap running. Every time a litre of water is used, the product’s display shows a bottle filling up and a numerical counter shows the total usage. There is also an audible gurgle each time a litre is used.

Currently a concept for production, Priestman Goode is in discussions with water companies and tap manufacturers, and hopes to take the product to market ‘as soon as possible’, says Priestman.

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