Dome slammed in Parliament

The Millennium Dome’s content, management and the Government ministers responsible for it have been slammed by Members of Parliament just days after details of Dome Europe’s future takeover of the site were announced.

The report from the Culture, Media and Sport committee says: “There is no single element to make the visitor gasp in astonishment – to provide the “wow” factor that was originally sought.

“Taken as a whole, the content of the Dome is interesting and rewarding, but rarely inspiring and lacks a sense of cohesion.”

The cross-party group of MPs also criticised the fluctuating visitor number forecasts, claiming they were made “without proper regard to the immense financial implications those changes entailed”. Dome minister Lord Falconer defended the figures describing them as “a mistake, but an honest one”.

However, with the Greenwich project again coming under severe scrutiny, Dome Europe – which is backed by Japanese finance house Nomura International – has offered design consultancies the opportunity to be involved in the revamped Dome when it takes over next January.

The consortium beat rival bidder Legacy in the final shortlist and is now deciding what existing elements to keep and what new attractions to introduce into the £800m project.

A Dome Europe spokeswoman says: “We want to get the best in every field and are very happy for companies, including design groups, to get in touch with us pretty soon.”

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