RNLI stickers given a new Corporate Edge

The Royal National Life-boat Institution is introducing a new design for its famous charity sticker, which apart from minor updates has remained unchanged since its introduction in the 1920s.

Corporate Edge has created the new version, having worked with the charity on various projects for four years.

“We [previously] reviewed whether we should change the sticker as part of a general audit of the charity’s identity and communications.

“We decided that it would not be appropriate at that time due to the sensitivity to change that is an inherent part of any identity, but particularly for a charity,” says Corporate Edge identity director David Riddle.

“Now that the lifeboats identity is established it is right that the sticker should come in line with the overall professional look and presentation of the charity,” he adds.

An RNLI spokesman says, “The original lifeboats sticker is regarded as one of the most recognised symbols in the charity marketplace; the decision to change it was not taken lightly.

“However, we needed to create a new, powerful symbol that was in line with the sophisticated and modern lifeboats and equipment we use, and the high standard of training we employ.”

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