Bhs Millennium Concept causes some concern

I am a little concerned about Bhs’ so called Millennium Concept, (DW, 13 November). Since a visit to the new Ipswich store, I remain unsure as to whether they are trying to help or hinder customers.

First, the aisles have disappeared. The aisle is a tool, used to draw the customer into the store. Customers are, instead, faced with a sea of warehouse-style racks, haphazardly arranged, around which they may wander aimlessly.

Shoppers must navigate the uneven floor (yes, it undulates!) and avoid being stabbed in the arm by the array of clothes racks.

A visit to the restaurant, may often be followed by one to the toilets. But a route must first be sought through the ladies suits and the lingerie department.

Inevitably the soiled fingers of every child leave the remainders of their jam scone and chocolate cake on the latest lines of high cut briefs. “Clear in-store segmentation”? I don’t think so!

Caroline East

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