Trio Discovers kids centre in East End

A three-way design collaboration worth £140 000 in fees has led to the creation of Discover, a £6m interactive children’s education centre, which opened in London’s East End last weekend.

Discover aims to help children express their creativity and use their imagination through activities and workshops, and gain confidence in literacy and communication. Interiors and installations are designed by Bremner & Orr (pictured), with branding by Fold7 and communications materials and website by Odessa Design.

Collaboration with children was key to establishing the centre, says Discover creative director Vicky Cave. ‘The installations and identity all grew from workshops with children. As a result it is a multi-layered experience where visitors will keep uncovering new material,’ she says.

Bremner & Orr design director Mick Orr says, ‘We used children’s ideas and work in our concepts, but created neat joins between where their work finishes and ours begins.’

‘We wanted to avoid both primary colours and creating a childish environment,’ he adds. ‘Using saturated pinks and golds, we achieved that and reflected Discover’s multi-ethnic audience.’

Branding, which focuses on a character from outer space called Hootah, was originally created by children in a workshop using vegetables. Drawn by Bremner & Orr, Hootah was refined as a marque by Fold7 (DW 17 October 2002).

Bremner & Orr won the work after an unpaid, creative pitch in 2000 against one other group. Fold7 was appointed without a pitch in October last year, and Odessa is Discover’s retained print consultancy.

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