The taste of Italy in a cup

The past few years have seen a boom in the number of coffee shops opening up and you may wonder if there is room for yet another concept. Caffe Nero – due to arrive on a street corner near you this summer – is unlike its competitors, however, focusing on the Italian espresso culture as opposed to American latte.

The interiors identity, created by design group Caulder Moore, is firmly based on the origins of this Italian brand. According to marketing partner Irene Maguire, it has been designed as ‘an antidote to the fast American concept’ and is intended as a meeting place rather than a quick coffee stop.

In true Italian style, the interiors will blend old with new, with marble flooring and faded frescos providing a classic backdrop to the contemporary furniture and fittings. Soft seating and bar stools are provided for those wanting a leisurely coffee, while café chairs and tables cater for those taking advantage of the extended food offer.

Caffe Nero is currently seeking prime sites in central London, and this eclectic mix allows the design to be adapted to suit the different locales and clientele. An outlet in Soho, for example, might have ‘the activity and buzz of a neighbourhood coffee bar’, says Maguire, while one in South Kensington would be more Continental and fast-moving. But consistent throughout will be the celebration of the Italian coffee culture.

Designer: Caulder Moore

Client: Caffe Nero

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