Answering a question of communication

The News Analysis on working in North America (DW 17 March), evoked several positive thoughts. Having attended the Question Time, I found the output to be motivating and stimulating.

The event was well attended and, although it was basic in content, it addressed several different audience profiles, for whom key concerns were answered either during or after the event by the relevant panel member.

The “woolliness” of the scheme, referred to by Alex Pratt and quoted within the article, should not be viewed in a negative light. Surely, it reflects the fact that this important initiative is still in the first stages of development.

The prime aim of the event was to enable the general public involved in design to air its views and concerns, and propose alternative ways in which we could exploit new business opportunities within the US marketplace. The Department of Trade and Industry will use this information to determine the routes forward.

Rarely do we, the design community, have an opportunity to provide input into how Government funding is allocated, so this opportunity should be welcomed. The DTI and the Design Business Association, which organised the event, should be encouraged by the enthusiasm and support from members of the design community. When key decisions have been made, it is in our court as individual businesses to convert our enthusiasm into commitment.

Lynda Relph-Knight’s comments regarding “basic questions being unanswered” is somewhat negative in outlook – surely “all this talk” should be translated positively as effective communication. As a rule, we are not asked to give our comments at all.

Claire Nuttall

Marketing Manager

Grey Matter

London EC2

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