Grandfield reports on Latvian telecoms

LONDON consultancy Grandfield has been appointed to design an annual report and review for Latvia’s only telecommunication company, Lattelekom.

A joint venture between the Latvian government, Cable & Wireless and Telecom Finland, Lattelekom will use the report to provide a variety of audiences with information about the company’s modernisation and its plans for the coming year.

“Until recently the company was operating without a switchboard, which indicates the primitiveness of the system,” says Grandfield creative director Julie Giddens. She adds that there are “oases of incredible sophistication with state-of-the-art equipment and people who can make the Macintosh sit up and beg”.

The report will be sent out to customers, employees and staff of the major shareholders.

Grandfield will use local resources to produce the document, and will work with Latvian designer Egils Parups to implement concepts designed by the Grandfield team in London. Two reports, in Latvian and English, will be printed because “this is the first time in hundreds of years that Latvia has been a free state”, says Giddens. “They are emotive about their language and are keen to promote a notion of inward investment.”

One of the prominent themes of the report, which will include a review of the company and a summary of its annual accounts, is partnership. The report will be posted out in June.

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