High five for Branding Iron

A new range of Scottish cheeses called Highlands and Islands has five separate identities designed by The Branding Iron, Tayburn McIlroy Coates’ specialist packaging arm.

Arran, Drumleish, Highland, Mull of Kintyre and Isle of Bute each have a hand-drawn identity by calligrapher Stephen Raw, and an individual illustration.

There was no pitch as The Branding Iron is responsible for designing packaging for all dairy products for client Scottish Pride.

We’re drawing the cheeses together as a top-quality range,” says Branding Iron design director Nick Cadbury.

The Mull of Kintyre cheddar is packaged in black matt foil. “It is famous for being manufactured in an old distillery. This emphasises its connection with whisky,” says Cadbury.

The Isle of Bute cheese is packaged to suggest cheesecloth, focusing on Bute’s origins in textiles, and Arran is hand-dipped in red wax, emphasising the island’s rustic qualities.

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