Viv’id is none too pleased about unwanted exposure

It’s heating up at design and marketing consultancy Viv’id’s Warrington office, thanks to a mix-up with the sort of website on which you don’t expect to find a picture of your mother.

Since went live earlier this year the consultancy has been plagued with enquiries about risqué photos and videos of the ‘Vivid Girls’, ‘members’ of a catalogue featured on a website we simply could not publish the address of.

‘It was funny at first,’ Viv’id communications director Rachel Morgan says. ‘But now we rarely miss a week without someone phoning to chase up a late order delivery. They think we’re a UK office that can save them the cost of a transatlantic call.’

No personal service from Rachel, then.

When Diary logged on to the consultancy’s website this week it was informed that ‘this site is currently undergoing exciting transformations’. Oh yes, we bet it is.

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