Aged London taxis offered a French kiss of life

The traditional black London cab has joined le Metro and l’autobus in picking up punters in the Parisian suburb of Montreuil.

Selected for their aesthetic values to form part of a subsidised ‘Taco’ travel scheme, the Hackney Carriages cost only 10Fr (£1) per journey, whatever the distance, and were chosen because ‘they are well known over here – everybody stops to look at them’, says the man behind the scheme, Said Hachim Moutard.

To hire one, you must join the ‘Amis des Tacos’ project, which will set you back a staggering 10Fr for a year’s membership.

The one drawback is that the cabs are 40 years old and liable to break down any minute. Just like the Tube over here, then.

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