Elmwood ‘nursery’ opening in London

Leeds-based consultancy Elmwood opens its new “brand innovation centre” in London’s Soho this week. Called The Nursery, it aims to help clients “clear their minds and think creatively about their brands”, says a spokesman for the group.

The new office is not just an extension of the 40-strong Leeds office, says head of brand innovation Greg Taylor. “Soho is a convenient base for existing London-based clients. The new office is open for them to brainstorm ideas and think about their brands.”

The Nursery will use Elmwood’s creative process – Step Change – which has been in development for over five years. It claims to be an “ideas and thinking tool”, says Taylor. The office will handle a portfolio of southern clients, including Hanson, the Football Association, 3i, Waitrose and Castrol International.

“We knew our London office would have a small presence so we required a point of difference,” says Elmwood chairman Jonathan Sands. “Our aim is not to grow a large London office.”

Elmwood has created the identity for Double Maxim, which aims to become a rival to Newcastle Brown Ale. The brand was saved by two former employees of Sunderland brewery, Vaux, which closed down last year. Doug Trotman and Mark Anderson have since set up the Double Maxim Beer Company.

The design group was briefed to redevelop the Brown Ale bottle, the label and create the new brewing company’s identity.

Elmwood senior designer Martyn Hayes says the bottle shape and label break tradition within the Brown Ale market.

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