Employers please let applicants down easy

With regard to Paul Burgess’s letter (DW 17 November), I speak on behalf of graphic designers who have just graduated or have just left their jobs in search of a new design studio.

I understand completely that a person should not send in an inappropriate CV when the advertisement calls for specific qualifications.

However, London has some/ most of the best design consultancies that this planet has to offer. These larger consultancies attract all the graduates and designers who have recently left work and don’t need to advertise because they receive numerous amounts of CVs throughout the year from local and international designers.

They may not have any positions available, yet they still take the time to look at your CV and respond sincerely to your application. Sometimes.

Is it not possible for the creative directors of these consultancies to respond to all the CVs? How long does it take to write “I’ve looked at your work and you have great potential. However, we don’t have any positions that will suit you.” Or, “Your CV and samples show you have great potential. Would you be able to come in for an interview on”

Designers and graduates should not be afraid of rejections, they should be afraid of creative directors who don’t respond or who respond with no compassion for the applicant. Do you really want to work in a studio with an egotistic employer?

Everyone needs to understand the other’s position and respect their efforts. Applicants, don’t try and reach for something you sincerely know you can’t achieve. Employers, remember that people send their applications to you because they respect you and wish to be a part of and contribute to your successful team.

If they are not what you’re looking for, let them down sincerely and honestly.

Gokmen Saban Karci

Designer from Australia


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