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Peter Saville must be the toast of the design community for winning the job to create a new image for the Krug champagne brand (DW 23 October). What brand do you fantasise about tackling, and why?

‘I’m not sure if it qualifies as a brand, but I’d dearly love to redesign the Union Jack. It’s out of proportion, hard to draw and ignores Wales completely. In a single afternoon you could make it so much better.’

Michael Johnson, Creative director, Johnson Banks

‘If Saville’s doing Krug, I’d love to do Babycham.’

Angus Hyland , Partner, Pentagram

‘When you’ve rebranded an organisation in every business sector, branded a country and then finally branded a church and the word of God, you would think that all else would fade into insignificance. But the great thing about branding is that every project is a new and exciting journey however large or small. But if I was to take on another unusual challenge I would give anything to rebrand MI5 and MI6.’

Marksteen Adamson, Creative director, ArthurSteenAdamson

‘The Corby Trouser Press, because, as its website says, it’s about “creating the right impression”. I don’t know anybody who owns one and I don’t know anybody who has used one, yet they are everywhere and everyone has heard of them. Redesigning a world-famous non-entity would be fantastic. Because as Corby says, “Whatever the day holds… unsightly wrinkles appear – especially behind the knees”.’

Tim Greenhalgh, Managing creative director, Fitch London

‘Often the brands that really turn us on are the desirable ones like Krug, and for me personally, brands like Manolo Blahnik or Agent Provocateur. On the other hand, what really makes for an exciting project is receiving a brief from a client who truly wants to change attitudes and perceptions. Ferrero Rocher, come on in.’

Samantha Dumont, Creative director, FutureBrand

‘KLM because it is old-fashioned, precious, a design classic and it does things right, but still needs help. It would be all about the mastery of subtlety and you would get to work with an all-time great corporate identity. It would be the ultimate preservation job rather than a barmy brand relaunch.’

Tony Allen, Chief executive, Interbrand

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