Clearspring gives Mayday a call for Italian organic pasta packs

Mayday has created the packaging for Clearspring’s new range of organic Italian pasta.

The organic food manufacturer appointed Mayday without a pitch in February, on the strength of the consultancy’s previous work with the company.

Clearspring briefed Mayday to design ‘distinctive and modern packaging that would sit well with the rest of the Clearspring products’, according to the chairman of Clearspring, Christopher Dawson.

‘We use high-quality ingredients for our pasta, and because the market is so saturated with cheap pasta products we wanted our design to be extraordinary,’ says Dawson. ‘It is contemporary and very sophisticated, which is unusual for pasta brands.’

Clearspring specialises in importing Japanese foods, which inspired Mayday to choose Japanese-influenced styling for the packaging.

The consultancy claims that this differentiates the line from other pasta brands on the market, which tend to opt for ‘traditional, artisan, rustic designs with lots of wheat-field imagery’, according to a Mayday spokesman.

The packaging group says it has used high-quality blue-and-bronze board for the packaging, embossed with pasta shapes to reflect its contents. The packets’ display windows also match these shapes.

A trade advertising campaign for the pasta will be launched this week.

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