Redhouse Lane reviews MAFF strategy

Redhouse Lane has been given the contract to review the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food’s internal communications strategy.

The job, which is for a period of three months, involves an in-depth survey of staff attitudes, a comprehensive audit of existing publications and electronic media and recommendations for an integrated strategy for the MAFF intranet, poster sites, notice-boards and TV screens.

The agency beat 24 other consultancies for the contract. “We felt that it could give us an integrated approach – we were impressed with the homework they had done,” says MAFF’s internal communications manager Geoffrey Pallet.

“There’s a lot going on within MAFF at the moment, it’s an important time for it and design is a crucial part of that,” says Redhouse Lane’s internal communications director, Richard Lomax.

“We will be doing a lot of research work, going round the country with focus groups.

“Once we’ve collected that information we will be producing a report on how they can improve their communications – together with a design branding strategy for all internal communications,” adds Lomax.

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