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The three-year-old Design Yorkshire initiative is entering a new, possibly productive phase. What do you think is the most successful way for initiatives such as this to put cities, regions or counties on the map?

‘Inspire the local community. The best advocates for any region are the people themselves. Their enthusiasm and pride will shine through and save a lot of media spend. They will make the real difference and change attitudes.’

Roger Proctor, Managing director, Proctor & Stevenson

‘I have never heard of the Design Yorkshire initiative. If design is being used as a way to put regions on the map, you have to understand the motives and agendas of the Government agencies that are empowered to make things happen. My limited experience of this is that unless you are part of an influential lobby group then there is little chance of success.’

Michael Rodber, Director, Jones Garrard

‘We need to be open to new and exciting ways that challenge the establishment. The younger generation are the future and need to have a voice, but I think expecting a three-year-old to redesign Yorkshire is taking it a bit too far. I’d have designed the biggest Yorkshire pudding that you could see from space, like Hadrian’s Wall. That would put it on the map.’

Jon Edge, Senior creative, Wolff Olins

‘If Glasgow is anything to go by there are any number of ways Design Yorkshire might help the area invent or re-invent itself, if that’s what it really wants or needs. If Yorkshire is to be put “on the map” and become a destination, it needs to work out what the consumer proposition is. So it is as much about offering value for time as well as money as it is about branding. Importantly, Yorkshire’s brand, if it is to succeed, should be about presenting and making the area attractive to locals and investors as well as to visitors.’

Stuart MacDonald, Director, The Lighthouse

‘Any design promotion needs to be both eye-catching and functional. There is often a tendency in such cases for the local authority to commission a “designer” for some installation that ends up being a token piece of work in isolation to its location or indeed any town planning. For initiatives to be a success they must ensure the exercise is not just a token and that the content is both relevant, topical, a little challenging and is well researched.’

Chris Morrison, Partner, MED

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