BGA steers the way for BMW Finance

BMW Finance is launching a new corporate identity designed by Basten Greenhill Andrews, the London consultancy which created the service’s original logo ten years ago.

BMW Finance offers a range of maintenance and funding options for customers. BGA has designed a logo, literature and merchandising boards, which will be unveiled in BMW’s 160 UK showrooms from this week.

BMW and BMW Finance have been BGA’s clients since 1980.

“The old logo needed refreshing, as customers are more and more needing to find different ways to fund car purchase and maintenance,” says a BMW Finance spokesman.

“We want to promote awareness in the showrooms of our financial packages, so customers will ask the dealers,” he adds.

According to a BGA spokesman, the consultancy will update the boards each year, depending on which models need promoting at the time.

The logo’s typeface is BMW Helvetica, the company’s own version of Helvetica Neue. Its dark blue background is BMW Bank Corporate Blue, as used by BMW’s German bank.

“We also used orange to have impact in showrooms and to give a retail look, as opposed to a product look. BMW Finance is not a car. It helps you buy a car,” adds the BGA spokesman.

The consultancy has also created literature for BMW’s next 5 Series of cars for executives, to be launched in April.

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