NFU to cultivate British branding

The National Farmers’ Union is inviting design groups to pitch for a project to create a logo which will clearly distinguish British produce from imported items.

Following recent research by Dr David Walker of marketing consultancy Synetics, NFU president Ben Gill has outlined a three-point strategy for developing a single quality brand to provide British produce with a bolder shelf presence. The proposal has the backing of agriculture minister Nick Brown.

Speaking at the NFU Great British Food Conference, Gill says: “I’ll be seeking industry agreement for the development of a ‘brand platform’ – a series of logo prototypes, that are currently being drawn up to reflect these core values – and across-the-board promotional activity involving the entire food chain.”

The union hopes to draw up a shortlist of designers after the mid-November application deadline. It is aiming to unveil the new branding on all primary produce next spring.

NFU public relations manager Simon Rayner adds: “It can be difficult to identify British food because of the plethora of symbols and logos on packaging. Consumers want a single brand. We’re not talking about slapping the Union Jack on to packs. It has to reflect the high quality, naturalness, safety, good value and reassurance of British produce.”

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