Eventer skims credit card fraud with APCS

Eventer Design has created marketing material for a national campaign designed to crackdown on credit card fraud, which starts rolling out this week.

The group won the £20 000 project on the strength of direct marketing work it undertook earlier this year for the Association for Payment Clearing Services, which is launching the campaign with Community Action Trust’s Crimestoppers UK.

Entitled ‘Skimming: The Crackdown Has Begun’, the campaign is aimed at owners of and staff in bars and restaurants. ‘Skimming’ involves electronically duplicating data from a credit card to make counterfeit cards.

Workers are targeted by criminals and paid an incentive to counterfeit credit cards that are used legitimately as payment in bars and restaurants.

Eventer was briefed to produce a non-aggressive, direct message that would not put people off using credit cards, says account director Adam Smith.

Posters, leaflets and till stickers will be distributed prior to the campaign’s focal point, Card Security Week, which takes place from 5-9 November.

The design work is led by Eventer creative director Mark Grove.

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