Freeflex wears Dew Gibbons brand

Dew Gibbons has created the brand identity, packaging and promotional literature for Freeflex, Aristoc’s latest control tights brand, which launches this week.

The brief was to mirror the brand’s technological developments that differentiate it from its rivals in the packaging and literature, Dew Gibbons senior designer Jacqui Owers says.

Freeflex tights have flat seams instead of waistbands, designed to make the tights more comfortable and flexible. However, research reveals that ‘waistband-free’ as a description would confuse consumers.

As a result, the consultancy developed a photographic and graphic concept that demonstrated the product’s technical features, says Owers.

The photography was ‘crucial in ensuring the emotive and physical benefits were communicated on pack’, says Owers. Lifestyle photographer Daniel Ward created all the pack shots.

‘We were keen to avoid static, unnatural poses normally associated with hosiery packaging,’ says Owers. ‘The soft, relaxed feel of [Ward’s] photography successfully mirrors the product range and evokes how wearing the tights makes you feel,’ she adds.

The pack design also had to be consistent with the branding strategy developed by Dew Gibbons and its strapline, ‘Feels good, looks good’, when it relaunched the Aristoc corporate identity (DW 23 March).

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