SAS holds a night of sex, sin and debauchery

When your party’s theme is the seven deadly sins, you can expect a certain amount of ugliness. But evidence of Stocks Austin Sice’s bash is so naughty as to be unprintable.

Guests at the party were invited to have their mug shot taken, which was then superimposed on to a suitably tasteless background.

Hence unsuspecting lady clients saw themselves cavorting naked on a large inflatable banana, or in full wedding garb on the arm of housewife’s choice, Paul Gascoigne.

SAS’s guests, those gluttons for punishment, loved the wheeze. And clients whose pics were not processed in time by the consultancy’s computer wizards have been ringing up to get them sent on.

But, says Jeremy Sice, in the cold light of day they have been asking for the photos to arrive in anonymous brown envelopes marked “censored”.

Not so sinful now, eh. No sense of pride.

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