Central St Martins College of Art and Design

2001-2002 and 2003-2004 prospectuses and website design: Jannuzzi Smith

As ex-students and tutors, Michele Jannuzzi and Richard Smith had hands-on knowledge of Central St Martins’ values and history. ‘We used the students’ work to transmit the college’s message: the wide courses available; its international reputation; and that it’s in the heart of London,’ says Jannuzzi. For this last point, instead of the stereotypical ‘red bus shot’, Jannuzzi Smith showed a research project by fine art students on London Underground’s Central Line.

‘The prospectus has two sections,’ says Jannuzzi. ‘The first book is the message, an occasion to show work, while the second one is the information on the courses.’ The choice of Astralux gloss paper for the first section reinforces this division. Jannuzzi and Smith also redesigned the website, www.csm. linst.ac.uk, which will go live at the end of July. ‘The website

has a technical relation to the print literature,’ explains Jannuzzi. ‘We collected all the information regarding recruitment into a unique database which is centrally controlled and maintained in-house.’

All data updates are automatically fed into the QuarkXPress document that manages the prospectus, creating a seamless connection between print and on-line. The continuity of the look and feel between the two mediums is also in the element of horizontality that runs through the prospectus, as well as when scrolling the website. For the project, Jannuzzi and Smith created a bespoke ‘pixelated’ font called Mies, and two hybrid-fonts derived from Eric Gill’s Joanna – rechristened Jo Slim and Jo Fat.

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