The Trafalgar

Rooms: 129; Location: Trafalgar Square, London SW1; Hotel Group: Hilton; Architect and design group: Argent Design and Whinney McKay Lewis; Bar and restaurant design: Robbie Bargh at Gorgeous Group and Zeta team at The Hilton; Fine detail: Nicola Fontanella

The Hilton has clearly taken on board some of the complaints about boutique hotels’ standards of service. ‘While it seems that the essence of a design hotel is to deliver a wow factor, regardless of how uncomfortable the furniture is, The Trafalgar aims to create a good relationship with the guests,’ says a hotel spokeswoman.

Yet, there can’t be many homes that boast the magnificent London views that The Trafalgar has through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Each room has either a sky blue or beige colour theme and is furnished with sleek black walnut furniture by Channels.

On the second and third floors there are 21 split-level studio rooms with a raised living area and a lower level for sleeping and working. The minimalist, white tile and chrome bathrooms have deep baths, large square sinks and clear glass shower units.

The reception and Rockwell bar on the ground floor feature walnut floors, limestone walls and cement-finished columns in strong, clean lines.

A large, open, limestone staircase leads down to Jago, an 80-seat restaurant. The clean theme introduced in the reception continues downstairs. Black banquettes, walnut tables and armchairs by Archer and Smith, upholstered in grey and black, complete the clean, calm, effect.

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