Found fashions interiors for Hobbs

Upmarket fashion retailer Hobbs has called on a third-party designer for the first time, briefing consultancy Found Associates with the creation of an interiors template for a new breed of funkier stores.

Found Associates, hired in February on the strength of its reputation for work with retailers like Jigsaw, will design interiors and signage for three ‘contemporary’ Hobbs outlets opening between July and September.

The work, in two Selfridges concessions and at a standalone store at London’s Canary Wharf (pictured), will set the standard for future Hobbs outlets geared at younger consumers.

It’s believed a further four outlets are likely to follow later in the year.

According to Found Associates director Richard Found, who led the project, the design challenge lay in creating a more modern vibe, while maintaining Hobbs’ ‘classic’ profile.

‘We had to take care not to drastically change the store’s image and alienate existing customers,’ he explains. ‘But, obviously, in stores like Selfridges you have to take into account their more contemporary nature.’

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