Harley opens new dealer

The Rice Group has designed the interiors, fixtures and signs for the latest Harley-Davidson dealership. Called Stadium, the East London outlet opens on Sunday.

The Lincolnshire consultancy approached Harley-Davidson UK and suggested a reappraisal of its overall look. “[The dealerships] did not really reflect the origins of the company,” explains Rice creative director Nick Butterfield. Rice developed a concept in which the bikes are displayed against a backdrop of the great American outdoors. This features distressed timbers, an oily effect on the floor and scorched metalwork. Fixtures and fittings have a warehouse feel and the shopfront incorporates the Harley-Davidson identity.

“The new dealership is groundbreaking in many respects,” says a Harley-Davidson UK spokesman.

Rice is also working on a store selling Harley-Davidson goods to open in Dublin in May.

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