Powells with pulling power

The list of keynote speakers at the European Academy of Design’s first conference (DW 31 March) reads a bit like one of those Hollywood films where half the director’s relations clamour to get their names on the credits.

Professor James Powell, director of Salford University’s research and graduate college, tops the list. He’s followed by Wendy Powell, interim head honcho of education and training at the Design Council. Next comes Earl Powell, director of The Design Management Institute in Boston, US.

“I was desperate to get Seymour Powell partner Dick Powell next,” says Salford research fellow Tim Jones.”But no-one got the joke, so we got James Pilditch, the design author, instead.”

Even without Dick, the conference from 11-13 April should be a powell-full occasion. It’s the kind of thing Lord Baden- Powell might have termed a jamboree.

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