Avebury Taverns enlists Blue Goose to fill pubs

UK independent pub owner Avebury Taverns is launching a recruitment campaign seeking new tenants to run its pubs, using updated corporate literature and internal branding created by Blue Goose.

As a tenanted pub company, Avebury Taverns currently operates more than 700 pubs throughout the country. It aims to treble this number over the next two years.

With a strong focus on recruiting good-quality tenants in an effort to overcome the recent decline in pubs, the main part of the revamp by the Harrow-on-the-Hill consultancy was redesigning Avebury’s recruitment pack. This doubles as a corporate brochure to send out to City investors and suppliers.

Blue Goose marketing manager Becky Warren says: “Because Avebury Taverns is a forward-thinking pub company with traditional roots, we recommended that the company moved away from the stereotypical cheesy photographs of customers wearing evening dress in brightly lit environments. We suggested an honest approach, showing the pubs in a more realistic light; straight talking and professional.

“The photography used is gritty, but the effect is powerful in order to represent the individual nature of the pubs. Avebury has independent pubs for independent people and they are concerned with tenants developing their own ideas with the company’s help and support,” she adds.

Other projects for Avebury Taverns include developing the identity for its Pub of the Year award, the Avebury Accolades staff incentive scheme and the Avebury Advantage third-party deal literature.

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