Fitch London gives Wet look to Beefeater gin brand

Fitch London has created the brand identity, naming and packaging graphics for Wet by Beefeater, Allied Domecq’s latest gin product variant which launches in the US this month.

The product is described as ‘fresher and less dry’ than traditional gins and, according to Fitch Worldwide global account director Mathew Stockton, it targets premium vodka drinkers in an attempt by the company to stimulate growth in the US gin market.

The consultancy was briefed to create a look that appealed to super premium vodka drinkers, but retained elements of the parent brand, adds Stockton.

Following an audit of ‘design language’ in the vodka category, the group retained the Beefeater name and Yeoman icon and added a ‘refreshing, crisp look and feel with simple and minimalist typefaces and a droplet maximising the wet message’, he says.

The product is being launched in ‘style bars and hotels’ in New York and Miami, with a larger US roll-out to follow over the course of the year. A roll-out across Europe and Asia Pacific is also being considered.

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