Delayed COI roster unveiled for New Year

The Central Office of Information has invited several design consultancies to appear on its first branding roster, which aims to address the organisation’s branding issues and improve the image of Government departments.

Framework contracts were intended to be in place by last September, but were held up by lengthy administrative delays (DW 26 November 1999).

In total, about 12 design groups are thought to have been picked for the roster, for periods of up to five years. Among them is Design House.

COI spokesman John Park says: “We have sent framework contracts to several companies which will be responsible for all aspects of branding, including naming, positioning and identity.”

But he explains that there will be pitches for each project.

“Just because they are on the roster does not mean they’ll be invited to tender,” says Park. “It depends on each department as to what it wants to do regarding branding.”

Design House managing director Lavinia Culverhouse says, “I’m hoping it will be a fantastic opportunity and a source of new business for us.”

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