Miss Selfridge denim range springs to life

Miss Selfridge’s denim range has been rebranded by Spring Design Consultants in an effort to “add credibility” to the offer and “provide a real fashion alternative to traditional denim brands”.

The design group won a three-way creative pitch and will be developing point-of-sale material, promotional windows and advertising, plus packaging and labelling for the range.

“Miss Selfridge was losing out to high street brands like Top Shop and River Island and had lost its way in its denim offer,” says Spring partner Gavin Krasner.

“Girls still aspire to wear Levi’s, so we had to give Miss Selfridge the edge, reflecting the fashion element and some heritage to create brand loyalty,” says Krasner.

“Details like transparent packaging that doubles up as a wallet, and a denim style guide which uses symbolic language, hold special appeal for the 14-24-year-old market, while informing them of sizes and styling ideas,” he adds.

Miss Selfridge marketing director Sarah Baskombe says: “We chose Spring for its affinity with our market, strategic approach, creativity and ability to capture the Miss Selfridge brand soul.”

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