‘Oldie’ designers should capitalise on the tastes of an ageing population

With reference to your article Stuck in the middle (DW 23 June) Is it not time we “oldies” – designers who still have a passion for design – form our own pressure group, or better still, consultancy?

Personally, I subscribe to Oscar Wilde’s view that “youth is wasted on the young”, and since the population is ageing, design groups should view design issues with older age groups in mind. I see little sign of this yet.

Ageism in design does not really affect the “glitterati”, because they only represent a small proportion of the design community. The remainder of us, who have proved our mettle over the years and may have picked up the odd gong (rather than a mantelpiece full), can still contribute as cost-effective solution finders.

Are we going to shut down one last time and reach for our Zimmer frames, or are we going to look for ways to remain in the game? Perhaps an outside the box solution is required. Come on oldies, let’s kick some ass.

Kevin Clarkson

Freelance designer


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