Perception creates Othello for the Web

Board games-maker Mattel is launching an on-line version of the game Othello, designed by London consultancy Perception Digital Media.

Perception was briefed to recreate the game experience on-line to encourage 25- to 40- year-olds to play and purchase the original version.

Perception managing director Ben Morley says: “Important design considerations for Perception were to allow home users to play and ensure brand consistency with the traditional board game. The game of Othello has a number of attributes that lend themselves well to the Web: simplicity of game rules, liveliness of the game, the speed of play and visual results.”

The game has also been adapted for e-mail, designed for challenging friends to a game over the Internet. Players are notified by e-mail when it is time for their next turn. Play takes place on the site using a unique URL to access the game in its current state of play.

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