Digital media sees huge growth

Digital Media work is soaring among UK design groups this year, with average growth rates for fee-income projected to rise by 106 per cent over the next 12 months.

The glowing predictions are a result of Design Week’s annual digital media survey which generated a record number of responses from almost 150 design groups in the field. The leading 40 pure digital media groups projected that their fee-income would grow on average by 115 per cent.

Growth rates from pure digital media groups averaged a giant 150 per cent for the coming year, which was matched by equally optimistic rates of projected staff growth.

Pure digital groups, classified as those generating 85 per cent or more of fee-income from digital media, forecast a need to recruit new staff to the tune of 74 per cent of their existing numbers.

Generalist groups proved very optimistic, too, for their recruitment needs, with average rates of expected staff increases at 39 per cent for the coming year.

UK digital media groups were surveyed for details of their UK fee-income for the last financial year, staffing breakdown, growth projections and recruitment needs over the coming 12 months.

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