Fat Frog gives movement to RTC

Newcastle-based group Fat Frog Design has created an identity for technology transfer company RTC North, in a project worth more than £20 000 in fees to the group.

In addition to the visual identity the group has designed stationery, brochures, marketing material, signage and interiors, all of which launched this week.

RTC North conducts research and offers information to organisations across the public and private sector that are developing new technologies. According to RTC North general manager George Clouston, the company has broadened its product offering and seen its turnover double over the past two years, prompting an image revamp.

‘Research showed that we were perceived as reliable, but staid. Customers thought we were a quango or public sector organisation and we felt we needed a more dynamic and forward-looking image,’ he says.

Fat Frog creative director Steve Blanks says the consultancy used a ‘mobius strip, a scientific shape with continuous movement’, to reflect RTC’s ‘continuous innovation’ and introduced a ‘warm orange’ to illustrate the company’s ‘friendly’ approach.

‘We wanted to create an identity that was fresh, modern and up-to-date to reflect the company’s work in technology. It also conveys the longevity and credibility needed from an established business,’ says Blanks.

The consultancy was appointed in April following a three-way creative pitch. Blanks worked with Fat Frog senior designer Sarah Tempest on the project.

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