Tesco Kids World takes a bold Creative Direction

A NEW look for the toy departments at Tesco stores, designed and produced by the Creative Direction Partnership, was unveiled this week.

The Toy Planet format for Tesco Kids World is a brightly-coloured space-age scheme that aims to catch the eyes of customers and their parents. Bob Blandford, leader of the CDP design team, says the idea is to offer more than just competitively-priced toys stacked on shelves.

“The theme is theatrical and we want the Toy Planet to have a distinct presence within the stores,” he says. “We want a visit to be an adventure in the same way as a trip to Legoland isn’t just about buying Lego.”

Giant hanging banners with the Toy Planet logo, also by CDP, will be used in the stores with hanging space rockets and space station porthole wall friezes, as well as branded point-of-sale material. Separate toy categories will be marked out with different colour schemes.

Blandford says the design is fully adaptable for all sizes of store: “Larger stores will have a complete space station environment, and key features of the scheme will be retained for even the smallest store without losing the sense of adventure and interactivity of the Toy Planet.”

Ian Lewis, customer operations manager for Tesco Toys, says: “We wanted a scheme that would immediately attract our customers’ attention and increase awareness of the extent, quality and convenience of our in-store toy range.”

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