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Brad Pitt is turning to architecture and enrolling with Frank Gehry to serve an apprenticeship. Which Hollywood A-Lister should champion the design industry, and why?

‘Can you imagine Brad Pitt undertaking seven years of study and practice to shine his light upon the under-privileged housing projects of Beverly Hills? Purleeeez. That’s just what the industry needs, a groupie to jump up and give them all credibility. Frank Gehry should know better. I vote for Mickey Rourke, so we could arrange a cross-discipline Celebrity Deathmatch and watch him kick the crap out of our new United Nation’s Ambassador for Architecture. Pass the bucket.’

Richard Seymour, Founding partner, Seymour Powell

‘What a team you could build: Tim Burton would make an amazing typographer, everything in his films bursts and seethes and wriggles about. He could out-Carson David Carson. Then there’s Reese Witherspoon, who – could refuse her? And she could use her killer smile to gain instant acceptance at every pitch. I would love to go to meetings with Clint Eastwood. When the client asks for the type to go bigger, can you imagine the look he would give them? As back-up glamour, Natascha McElhone could challenge Michael Johnson for design’s most Barbie-like hair.’

Quentin Newark, Creative director, Atelier Works

‘It has to be Dennis Hopper. He has a deep love for all forms of design – as evidenced by his suits [Comme des Garçons], his computers [Jonathan Ive] and even his Venice Beach home/studios [Frank Gehry, naturally]. Combine all of these attributes with his familiarity with narcotics and handguns [two vastly under-rated creative tools] and he’s a formidable evangelist for the design industry.’

Alasdair Scott, Creative partner, Filter

‘Farah Fawcett, as she would act as a living reminder of how bad design decisions can be irreversibly damaging to your public persona.’

David Palmer, Creative director, Love Manchester

‘The notion of Brad Pitt seriously studying architecture is about as likely as Tom Cruise remaining faithful to one woman for the rest of his life. My choice for an A-list celebrity to champion design would be Sean Penn, because his Constantin Stanislavsky/Lee Strasberg Method training would enable him to ‘live’ the part – and that’s what you need.’

Mike Dempsey, Founding partner, CDT Design

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