Designers get a pizza the action

Celebrity endorsement of food products is nothing new, but a South African farm shop’s launch of Boutras Boutras Garlic takes the idea into a new realm.

The reaction of United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali is unknown. But with 90 cents from each sale going to the UN, he shouldn’t mind too much, regardless of the unfortunate spelling mistake.

So how long before we see Cotes de Gascoigne in off-licences, pre-mixed with tequila?

Or how about a grey and vapid new herb called Majoram? Or a ginger-flavoured variety of sandwich spread, Branson Pickle?

Designers should not escape this attention. Er, Sorrell Sorrel and, er, Siegel Kale could mix a cracking salad, to be dressed with Pethick Honey, followed by a bowl of Marcello Minestrone?

Main course has to be Chickens Tutt Southgate.

Blue Peaches for afters?

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