Dutton Merrifield delivers identity

Dutton Merrifield has developed an identity for on-line business and consumer services provider Klicka, which launches a courier operation next week.

The sub-brand, Klicka Courier, has its own logo and the group is co-ordinating its launch campaign.

The brief, says Klicka marketing manager Anthony Hopkins, was to keep things simple, creating a ‘neutral’ logo that would appeal to the general public and business customers alike. The yellow ‘snap’ between the lettering represents the sound of a finger-click and instantaneous action, says Dutton Merrifield project designer John Lowden.

Klicka Courier plans to encourage drivers from sameday courier companies to transport goods on their return journeys when their vehicles are empty, says Hopkins. It is a business model he admits is ‘controversial’ because it cuts out courier companies.

Dutton Merrifield is also being retained to work on the brand campaign for Klicka Taxi, an account-based taxi hire service scheduled for a spring 2003 launch.

The consultancy was appointed three months ago, following a six-way strategic and credentials pitch.

‘Dutton Merrifield got the contract purely on the basis of the fact that it is very flexible on time-scale and how we pay it,’ says Hopkins.

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