To The Point considers all the options as it creates brand for new social care service Optalis


To The Point has branded newly privatised social care service Optalis, which is being set up by Wokingham Borough Council as a private company.

Optalis will offer both paid-for and free healthcare based on means testing on vulnerable adults with a disability and older people who need care and support.

The council claims it was partly prompted to set up the company by the national ’Putting People First’ policy, which allows adults who are entitled to personal budgets to chose who provides their social care.

To The Point was approached directly and shortlisted alongside two other groups, according to the consultancy’s managing director Simon Hutton, who presented six routes of execution.

Optalis is a name chosen by Wokingham Borough Council and one of several audited by To The Point.

Hutton says it stands to mean ’options’, but is a derivative of the Latin optare, meaning to chose or wish.

It is written in an ITC Avant Garde Gothic font, and a broad palette of colours has been chosen for the identity to delineate choice, says Hutton, who explains ’legibility, readability and colour’ tests have been carried out by the consultancy with Optalis.

Guidelines have been developed ’to be as simple and user-friendly as possible’, says Hutton, who has made allowance for the possibility of Optalis expanding beyond Wokingham Borough as a company.

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