London Underground on track with revamp

New-look Piccadilly and Jubilee line trains will hit London Underground tracks this month, with cab exteriors and interiors by Warwick Design.

The Warwickshire consultancy confirms that its designs for the Northern Line will also be unrolled this year. It refurbished the Jubilee line in 1990, and joint managing director Martin

Pemberton confirms that the new commissions “followed on” from this design work.

“Part of our project is to redesign each underground train line,” says London Transport design director Jeremy Rewse Davies. According to Rewse Davies, the District line is the only line still to be redesigned. “We will do it as soon as we have funding, and will go out to tender for a consultancy,” he says.

Pemberton says the three new looks are “completely different. We did a total revamp to make the lives of commuters easier, and also looked at the needs of disabled passengers”.

The three train lines now share high-visibility grab poles to aid the partially-sighted, areas for wheelchair users and an electronic information display mounted over each seat bay.

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