999 heads for hysteria in Iberia on birthday jaunt

It never ceases to amaze us about the sort of material we’re sent by consultancies. So much of it has a huge amount of the ‘So what?’ factor attached to it.

Like, for example, 999 Design’s weekend jolly to Madrid. Telling us about the aftermath of the trip is fine and can throw up a few surprises. But letting us know in advance that the company is taking its 47 staff to Madrid to celebrate its 20th birthday? Nah.

However, if you do feel the need to tell us in advance, then please, please don’t suggest, as 999 did, that your staff may indulge in ‘a glass or two of local wine’.

Rubbish. Everyone will be absolutely arseholed, people will go way over the top and marriage breakdowns and sackings will follow.

Come on 999, liven up.

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