Who knows when inspiration will strike, and where. I am at loss (as usual), or maybe in wonder. So here’s a list, randomly ordered:

Lists, schedules, deadlines, creativity, books, beauty, method, play, work, sleep, help, collaboration, assistance, experience, fear, grief, colour, Platonic solids, narcissism, irony, idle, detail, art, work, posters, partners, architecture, horticulture, vernacular, asymmetry, metaphor, myth, fairy tales, symmetry, sympathy, classical, institutions, Modernism, money, smell, observations, irrational, lateral, vertical, black, white, shades of grey, semantics, semiotics, swearing, big words, little words, subtlety, lingerie, biology, sensuality, erotic, love, wife, life, children, pop, rock, folk, seashore, cities, cafés, breakfast, coffee, parks, rivers, estuaries, benches, canals, history, medieval, baroque, minimal, travel, aeroplanes, jolly boats, cycles, silhouettes, theory, theft, drawing, tradition, technology, World Wide Web, search engines, hardware, software, encyclopedias, thesaurus, wit, witlessness, wickedness, art materials, paper, boredom, rubbish, glass, wood, recycled, repetition, nonsense, oblique strategies, heroes, typefaces, logotypes, stencils, handwriting, illustration, convenience, idleness, idolatry, information, charts, grids, emotion, irritation, anarchy, craft, contrast, skill, charm, chat, cat, dog, bone, phone, home, pictures and words…

Angus Hyland – Pentagram

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