First Partnership packs Travelbag

Retail specialist First Partnership has redesigned Travelbag’s flagship store in London’s Piccadilly Circus, which opened yesterday. The outlet is claimed to be the biggest travel shop in Europe.

The redesign marks the start of a massive expansion programme across the UK, which follows a three-month trial of a store in Knutsford, Cheshire, which First Partnership also developed.

Travelbag is now planning to open at least ten more sites over the next five years.

The consultancy has created the entire three-floor store, including desks, seating, fabrics, façade and signs. First Partnership director Jonathan Blakeney says: “The flagship store is in an old banking hall, which was a difficult space. But we refined the Knutsford concept, keeping the original design palette of materials.”

He believes the 1115sqm store will provide a “unique focus for travel. The identity is based on natural earth colours and materials as it’s designed to appeal to people who want to spend two or three hours discussing their trip. It is a different experience to other high street travel shops.”

Specialising in Australasia, North America, Africa and Asia, the store has been divided visually into four sections. “Each area has an individual personality, reflecting the feel of that part of the world,” explains Blakeney.

Travelbag marketing director Julie Tamblyn says: “It has to appeal to a wide range of needs, from those of someone who just wants a flight to someone spending £20 000 on the trip of a lifetime.

“It will create the excitement of travel and through the design people will be able to walk in and know where to go,” she adds.

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